Oil Prices Fall as Federal Reserve Indicate a Hike in Short-Term Interest Rates

oil prices 1

With a stronger US dollar and a fading possibility of a freeze on production, oil prices fell sharply. Crude oil for October delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange slumped 76 cents, or 1.6%, to trade at $46.88 a barrel. Meanwhile, on the ICE Futures Exchange in London, Brent oil for November delivery declined 79 cents, or 1.58%, to trade at $49.36 a barrel. Oil prices fell after Federal Reserve signalled a growing conviction that the central bank would raise short-term interest rates in the weeks or months ahead. Any rise in U.S. interest rates usually doesn’t bode well for oil prices, which are priced in dollars. Higher interest rates could push the dollar higher, making oil products more expensive for oil traders who hold a different currency. There is a continued speculation over whether major oil producers, including Russia and members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, will agree to limit output. Any consensus reached when officials meet in Algeria in late September would give the market a long-term boost. However, chances of the OPEC members arriving at a consensus was remote as Iran said it would only cooperate in talks to freeze output if fellow exporters recognized its right to fully regain market share.

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Calico Labs to Use Computational Biology and Machine Learning to Understand Aging and Related Concerns


At Calico Labs, scientists are dedicated to tackle aging, one of life’s greatest mysteries. Calico is a research and development company with a mission to bring together advanced technologies to understand and solve the biological mystery that controls lifespan. They have committed themselves to come up with interventions that enable people to lead a longer and healthier lives. This required unprecedented level of interdisciplinary efforts and a long-term focus. Recently, the company increased its focus on developing powerful computational and machine learning tools for analysing biological and medical data sets. The team involved in this will work in close collaboration with the biological scientists at Calico to design experiments and develop data sets that will provide a deep understanding of the science of longevity and help the development of new interventions to extend healthy lifespan. Calico will thus use machine learning to understand the complex biological processes involved in aging.

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MEND Regenerate Finalist in the Anti-Aging Category at SupplySide West 2016


Informa Exhibitions has named MEND Regenerate as the finalist in the anti-aging category for 2016, from among 300 submissions that made to the innovation and impact group. It has been selected for the 2016 SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards. Five consumer packaged goods (CPG) of 2015 were selected by the SupplySide editorial team in 22 different categories for achievements in innovation and market impact. During the SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards presentations in October, one winner in each of the category will be announced.

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World’s First Modular Ammonium Nitrate Plant Opens in Western Australia

Yara International

An $800 million chemical plant to produce technical ammonium nitrate, used as explosives in iron ore mining, has officially commissioned on the Burrup Peninsula, north of Karratha, Australia. This is in the resource rich Pilbara region and is a joint venture between Norwegian company Yara International and Australia’s Orica Limited. With a production capacity of 330,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate per annum, the plant will be fully operational by the end of 2016. The plant is fully integrated with the neighbouring Yara Pilbara Fertilisers ammonia plant, which exports 800,000 tonnes of ammonia per annum to world markets. The joint venture will first use natural gas from Western Australia to create a highly valued ammonia and further process it to deliver ammonium nitrate.  This will reflect the long-term value that Yara sees in their business in Australia.

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Rejuvel Bio-Sciences, Inc. Subsidiary Gets its First Order from Digicom

Rejuvel Bio-Sciences

REJUVEL 3D is the first-ever three-dimensional skin renewal system produced by using a licensed patented NASA technology. REJUVEL 3D is an ageless infinity microgravity cell renewal cream. Rejuvel is the only company in the world to have the right to use the patented NASA technology to manufacture topical cosmetics and hair care products. The key ingredient of REJUVEL 3D is obtained from the stem cells of a type of green tea plant, Camellia Sinensis,which are expanded in a special bioreactor developed by NASA and imitates the microgravity conditions of outer space. This increases the activities of the cells and promotes the body’s self-healing processes. The potency of these cells is superior to that of cells grown using conventional methods as they grow differently in microgravity. Clinically tested, the results show increased hydration, visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and enhanced overall skin health.

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Artificial Intelligence Expedites Breast Cancer Risk Prediction and Reduction of Unnecessary Biopsies

Research Into Cancer Conducted At The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientists at the Houston Methodist have developed a software that will make biopsies obsolete for detecting risk of breast cancer. It can make it 30 times faster than what a single doctor can do. The software can intelligently review millions of records in a very short amount of time to enable determination of breast cancer risk more efficiently using a patient’s mammogram. The research team has used the AI software to study the mammograms and pathology reports of 500 breast cancer patients. It scanned patient charts, collected diagnostic features and correlated mammogram findings with breast cancer subtype. This took only a few hours for the computer to make a cancer risk diagnosis for all 500 patients. On the other hand, it would have taken 50 hours for two physicians to access the cancer risk of just 50 patients.

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Jacobs Engineering to Acquire BAYQIK Sulfuric Acid Converter Technology

Jacobs Engineering

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., an international technical professional services firm, has acquired the patent rights for BAYQIK quasi-isothermal sulfuric acid converter technology and related technology from Bayer AG. This acquisition of the robust technology adds to the portfolio of Jacobs and will leverage the global reach of its network. The technology transfer will include all relevant Bayer technical, commercial and market information. Bayer will also provide transitional services to ensure a smooth transfer of the BAYQIK businesses.

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