Innovative Skin Care Solutions from Kat Burki Added to

Kat burki, the leading e-commerce specialty retailer of the USA, providing scientifically proven solutions for healing and maintaining healthy skin, has added Kat Burki products to its assortment of premium products. Kat Burki is the world’s first brand to propel bio-processing technology skincare innovation into prestigious beauty products. The Kat Burki brand is offering today’s modern customers what they are looking for – a luxurious experience with scientifically proven efficacy that actually performs. At Kat Burki, they achieve this through smart ingredient combination utilizing proven co-factoring relationships, bio-processed under 120 degrees to ensure that all vita-nutrients and antioxidants are not degraded under high heat as typically processed. The skincare line is divided into easy-to-understand categories to simplify the choices and to ensure that the correct regime is chosen as per the individual needs. Kat Burki’s team is also working to develop cell-communicating ingredients that help repair damaged skin cells, and creating super-ingredients with multi-platform co-factors. A cellular-reparative B-Complex is the power behind Kat Burki Complete B Eye Creme Complex. The anti-aging eye cream conditions, soothes and hydrates the delicate eye area, working to visibly diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The B vitamin complex regenerates by promoting healing, and neuropeptides improve microcirculations and improve cellular energy.

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