Wonder Material Graphene to Revolutionise Production in Various Sectors

Graphene, often described as a two-dimensional material as it is created at just one atom thick from carbon, is being touted as a wonder material that will have the same effect on lives in the fut¬ure that plastic had for the post-war generation. It was first isolated in the north-west British city of Manchester in 2004 by Sir Andre Geim and Sir Kostantin Novoselov. In 2010, they won the Nobel Prize for this innovation. To promote this new technology in the United Kingdom and be one of the building blocks of the government’s economic ambitions, a £60 million Nat¬ional Graphene Institute (NGI) was set up. UK is all set to take advantage of graphene as a commercial and employment prospect.

Read Full News At: http://www.researz.com/wonder-material-graphene-revolutionise-production-various-sectors


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