Uranium Production in Namibia to be Three Times the 2015 Output

According to data issued by the finance minister of Namibia, CalleSchlettwein, by 2017 production of uranium in the country is expected to be three times the volume produced in 2015. This is expected to be achieved with the ramp-up of the huge Husab mine in the Namib Desert. Despite weak commodity prices and relatively slow growth in external demand, the coming into operation of large-scale mining projects will support a decent level of economic growth. The tourism and export-oriented industries are also expected to do well in 2016 due to the recent depreciation of the Namibia dollar. According to Namibia’s central bank, production of the nuclear fuel will rise 62.9% in 2016 and 89.5% in 2017. A daily, The Namibian, has quoted that uranium oxide production is expected to expand by a factor of 3, from 3,713 metric tonnes in 2013 to around 11,000 MT in 2017. Currently, Namibia is the fifth largest uranium producer in the world after Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia and Niger.

Read Full News At: http://www.researz.com/uranium-production-namibia-three-times-2015-output


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