Mixed Regional Results in US Shows Flat Chemical Output

The Washington DC-based chemical industry trade group, American Chemistry Council (ACC), has reported that the US Chemical Production Regional Index (CPRI) was flat for April following a 0.4% increase a month ago and a 0.1% decline in February. CPRI, which is measured using a three-month moving average, tracks chemical production in seven chemical producing regions nationwide. The manufacturing sector in US is the largest consumer of chemical products and the major driver of the industry. But the US manufacturing activity slowed in April, due to fewer new factory orders, declining oil prices and a strong dollar. However, production in several chemistry end-user markets such as in motor vehicles, machinery, electronics, petroleum refining, iron and steel and plastic products rose in April.

Read Full News At: http://www.researz.com/mixed-regional-results-us-shows-flat-chemical-output


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