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Mayo Clinic Makes Ground Breaking Discovery on Measuring GDF11, an Anti-Aging Protein

Mayo Clinic has made a ground breaking discovery of how to measure GDF11, the anti-aging protein in the body. This discovery can caution about a person’s chances of suffering from chronic issues, frailty or cardiovascular disease at a later stage in life.  This discovery can lead to other studies in the future that can help a better living and potential therapeutic benefits.

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Holland and Barrett Revenues Reached New Heights with its Top Selling Products of Ancient Grains and Snail Face Cream

Holland & Barrett (H&B), the health food chain, has had an increase in sales by 10.4% in the UK and by 7% worldwide during the 12 months ending last September. The best-selling products were in the range of coconut products, including coconut flour, jam and sugar. The other product that was top selling was snail gel cream, which has anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits. Manuka honey, popular for its anti-bacterial and medicinal uses, was also a popular product. According to H&B, ancient grains also made a comeback, with amaranth, teff and freekeh becoming the “new quinoa”. The Nuneaton-based company posted a 12.2% rise in earnings to the tune of £146 million for the past financial year.

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Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea have a New Treatment with Implantable Nerve-Stimulation Device

A new study conducted by the Sleep Centre at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine finds that there is a new treatment for people who suffer from moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and are unable to tolerate standard therapy. This implantable, nerve-stimulating device has successfully eased symptoms of the condition. In the USA 18 million adults are affected by OSA, with men at greater risk than women. OSA is a condition that occurs when the muscles at the back of the throat collapses and closes during sleep, blocking airflow. This can cause brief and repeated pauses in breathing that last for at least 10 seconds. OSA can result in sleep disruptions and low blood oxygen levels. This increases the risk of memory and mood problems, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Placenta Facial as the Ultimate Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation

Placenta facial is the latest trend that many women have added to their beauty routine. There is a rich, historical precedent for the use of placenta for health and beauty as it is full of nutrients, minerals, amino acids and proteins that are lost during childbirth. In fact, the official term is Placentophagia, meaning the practice of consuming placenta to replenish and rejuvenate after the birthing experience. According to the Chinese it contains qi, also known as life force, and is used as a remedy for problems like lethargy, revitalising the ageing skin and promoting breast milk production. Traditionally, placenta ingestion has been a part of Chinese medicine practices for centuries.

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United States Senate Overhauls the Toxic Substances Control Act

As a final step towards a decades-long reform effort, the US Senate has unanimously approved a major overhaul of the country’s primary chemical safety law. Earlier, on May 24 the House of Representatives approved the revision of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) that rules by what means industrial chemicals are tested and regulated. The only step remaining is signing by the President, Barack Obama. This is the most influential environmental statute passed by the Congress since updating the Clean Air Act in 1990. The aim is to make chemical safety norms scientific and includes provisions designed to reduce use of animals in chemical testing and promoting the study of so-called cancer clusters. The bill approved is good for consumers, jobs seekers and for the environment.

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China Setting ‘Red Lines’ on Heavy Industry that Could Boil Into Social Tensions

Armed with the mandate of mitigating ecological damage and social unrest, Chinese regional governments are planning to set ceilings or “red lines” on the use of water and energy and also on any land used for industrial development. The governments are also planning to put a ceiling on the use of coal in an effort to limit the use of energy as the existing pricing system cannot reflect the true cost of consumption on the ecosystem.

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Pebble Core is a New Wearable 3G Voice-driven Ultraportable Device Integrated with Amazon Alexa

Since crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, Pebble Technology launched two new smart watches that took its technology ahead, namely Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2. Its latest product is Pebble Core, which is a standalone 3G-connected wearable device integrated with Amazon’s much acclaimed voice-driven services, Alexa. This ultraportable and cellular-connected wearable gadget is expected to become commercial in early 2017 with the crowd funders getting the opportunity to experience the device first-hand.

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