Revolutionary Ways of Looking Better and Living Longer with DNA Editing and Lab-grown Skin

lab grown skin

Till date anti-aging or driving away wrinkles meant using a sunscreen lotion or moisturizer or even using Botox. However, this area is so lucrative that researchers have always looked for innovative ways of reversing aging and looking good. For such researchers, anti-aging means slowing down or reversing the aging process. There has been a revolutionary change in the way aging has been looked at during the last 40 years, from being static and not mouldable to being something that has the potentiality of being altered. American researchers have already tested lab-grown “second skin” that can erase off wrinkles for 24 hours. Experts also predict the advent of lab-grown organs that can be implanted at a local hospital, editable genes to erase diseases and have a longer life that is just a prescription away.

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