United States Senate Overhauls the Toxic Substances Control Act

As a final step towards a decades-long reform effort, the US Senate has unanimously approved a major overhaul of the country’s primary chemical safety law. Earlier, on May 24 the House of Representatives approved the revision of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) that rules by what means industrial chemicals are tested and regulated. The only step remaining is signing by the President, Barack Obama. This is the most influential environmental statute passed by the Congress since updating the Clean Air Act in 1990. The aim is to make chemical safety norms scientific and includes provisions designed to reduce use of animals in chemical testing and promoting the study of so-called cancer clusters. The bill approved is good for consumers, jobs seekers and for the environment.

Read Full News At: http://www.researz.com/united-states-senate-overhauls-the-toxic-substances-control-act


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