Calico Labs to Use Computational Biology and Machine Learning to Understand Aging and Related Concerns


At Calico Labs, scientists are dedicated to tackle aging, one of life’s greatest mysteries. Calico is a research and development company with a mission to bring together advanced technologies to understand and solve the biological mystery that controls lifespan. They have committed themselves to come up with interventions that enable people to lead a longer and healthier lives. This required unprecedented level of interdisciplinary efforts and a long-term focus. Recently, the company increased its focus on developing powerful computational and machine learning tools for analysing biological and medical data sets. The team involved in this will work in close collaboration with the biological scientists at Calico to design experiments and develop data sets that will provide a deep understanding of the science of longevity and help the development of new interventions to extend healthy lifespan. Calico will thus use machine learning to understand the complex biological processes involved in aging.

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