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Artificial Intelligence Expedites Breast Cancer Risk Prediction and Reduction of Unnecessary Biopsies

Research Into Cancer Conducted At The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientists at the Houston Methodist have developed a software that will make biopsies obsolete for detecting risk of breast cancer. It can make it 30 times faster than what a single doctor can do. The software can intelligently review millions of records in a very short amount of time to enable determination of breast cancer risk more efficiently using a patient’s mammogram. The research team has used the AI software to study the mammograms and pathology reports of 500 breast cancer patients. It scanned patient charts, collected diagnostic features and correlated mammogram findings with breast cancer subtype. This took only a few hours for the computer to make a cancer risk diagnosis for all 500 patients. On the other hand, it would have taken 50 hours for two physicians to access the cancer risk of just 50 patients.

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