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World’s First Modular Ammonium Nitrate Plant Opens in Western Australia

Yara International

An $800 million chemical plant to produce technical ammonium nitrate, used as explosives in iron ore mining, has officially commissioned on the Burrup Peninsula, north of Karratha, Australia. This is in the resource rich Pilbara region and is a joint venture between Norwegian company Yara International and Australia’s Orica Limited. With a production capacity of 330,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate per annum, the plant will be fully operational by the end of 2016. The plant is fully integrated with the neighbouring Yara Pilbara Fertilisers ammonia plant, which exports 800,000 tonnes of ammonia per annum to world markets. The joint venture will first use natural gas from Western Australia to create a highly valued ammonia and further process it to deliver ammonium nitrate.  This will reflect the long-term value that Yara sees in their business in Australia.

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Galaxy Resources and General Mining Merge for Lithium

The Australian-based lithium miner Galaxy Resources and a joint venture partner General Mining are tying up to capitalise on the strong interest in lithium and the growing market for lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The merged group will have a pro-forma market capitalisation in excess of $700 million. Both the companies who are joint venture partners in the Mt Cattlin lithium mine in West Australia are of the opinion that this merger can create a large group of “global significance”.

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Lithium Mining Will Change Pilbara for the Better


The North Western region of Australia, Pilbara, is about to undergo a change as environmental activists are toiling hard in the red ochre dust. Although till recently companies like Altura Mining were not contributing anything to curbing global carbon emissions, the decline in prices of coal and iron ore – the main source of income of Pilbara – have forced the mining companies to get into the business of neodymium and yttrium rare earths for the magnets used in wind turbines and gallium and indium used in solar panels and energy-efficient lighting. All these materials have different levels of supply capacity in relation to demand. The supply chain of materials needed for battery systems vital for storing the intermittent energy output of solar and wind and the powering of fleets of electric cars are very low, compared to their demand.

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Australian Government backs Adani’s $12 billion Carmichael Coal Project

The Queensland Parliament has agreed to approve the Indian conglomerate Adani Group’s $12bn (A$16.5bn) Carmichael coal mine and rail project. This brings it closer to receiving the green signal after the company reached a final compensation agreement with Australian authorities and stakeholders in the untapped Galilee Basin province in central Queensland.

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Steel and Mining Group Arrium of Australia Heading Into Administration Due to Heavy Debts

Arrium, the international mining and materials company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, has collapsed into administration after failing to secure a funding deal with its lenders. The company suspended trading in its shares this week. Arrium has a total debt of more than $4 billion and owes about $2.8 billion to lenders, $1 billion to suppliers and about $500 million to staff. Administrators Grant Thornton has been appointed to run this troubled iron ore and steelmaking company. Lenders have rejected a $US927 million ($1.2 billion) funding deal with Blackstone fund GSO Capital Partners as it would have resulted in the lenders incurring a severe cut on their loans.Grant Thornton has assured that nothing will be shut down, but called for a national approach to the company’s long-term prospects. They have guaranteed that it would be normal business across the group’s operations, but would carry out an urgent and comprehensive review of the core Australian steel and mining businesses. This announcement has resulted in more than 6,700 employees being under the cloud across the country.

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State Grid of China Aiming to Build an Electricity Empire With Australia as Target

State Grid Corp. of China is seen as a top contender bidding for Ausgrid and envisage sending electricity via a global network. Its geographic footprint extends from South America to Australia and with strong ambitions of growing outside China, the company plans to develop a $50 trillion global energy network that could enable electricity to be transmitted beyond continental boundaries. The Beijing-based company, which is wholly owned by the government of China, can help upgrade electricity grids and other infrastructure, and bring new power-transmission technology to the countries it’s targeting.

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