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Jacobs Engineering to Acquire BAYQIK Sulfuric Acid Converter Technology

Jacobs Engineering

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., an international technical professional services firm, has acquired the patent rights for BAYQIK quasi-isothermal sulfuric acid converter technology and related technology from Bayer AG. This acquisition of the robust technology adds to the portfolio of Jacobs and will leverage the global reach of its network. The technology transfer will include all relevant Bayer technical, commercial and market information. Bayer will also provide transitional services to ensure a smooth transfer of the BAYQIK businesses.

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Manufacture of Plastics See Great Future due to Joint Research by ExxonMobil and Georgia Institute

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Scientists from ExxonMobil and the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new revolutionary technology that can significantly reduce the amount of energy and emissions associated with manufacturing plastics. At an industrial scale, this new technology can help reduce the global annual carbon dioxide emission of the plastics industry by at least 45 million tons. This is equivalent to the annual energy-related carbon emissions of about 5 million US homes. The breakthrough technology can help reduce the global energy costs used to make plastics by up to $2 Billion per annum. The new technology leading to the major cuts in chemical manufacturing energy use and emissions is a molecular-level filter. It is a filter with microscopic holes to do what an enormous amount of heat and energy currently do in a chemical process similar to that found in oil refining.

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Pebble Core is a New Wearable 3G Voice-driven Ultraportable Device Integrated with Amazon Alexa

Since crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, Pebble Technology launched two new smart watches that took its technology ahead, namely Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2. Its latest product is Pebble Core, which is a standalone 3G-connected wearable device integrated with Amazon’s much acclaimed voice-driven services, Alexa. This ultraportable and cellular-connected wearable gadget is expected to become commercial in early 2017 with the crowd funders getting the opportunity to experience the device first-hand.

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